San Francisco


Call us at 415.896.5000

– Deliveries:

  • Bicycle & Vehicle Couriers Available
  • No Food or Flowers (anything Perishable)
  • No Passengers Please State when Calling whether vehicle is required
  • If weight is an issue, please approximate weight
  • Bay Area Drive Constraints From SF are either 4 Hour, 2 Hour or 1 Hour
  • Please allow extra time if picking up from outside SF
  • Call for more detailed Brochure & Rates – 415 896 5000


Bicycle Rates

ZoneServiceTime FramePrice
1Regular2 hours$15
1Rush1 hour$20
1Zoom!30 minutes$30
1Exclusive15 minutes$35
2Regular2 hour$20
2Rush1 hour$35
2Zoom!30 minutes$45
3Regular4 hour$30
3Rush2 hour$45
3Zoom!1 hour$60
3ExclusiveDirect service$75

In-Town Vehicle Rates

ServiceTime FramePrice
Regular4 hours$40
Rush2 hours$50
Zoom!1 hour$65

SF Court Filing Rates

RegularReady before 12pm$40
RushReady after 12pm$50
ZoomReady after 3pm$60

See the Bay Area page for out-of-town rates.

  • All time frames are conditions permitting.
  • ‘B to A’ deliveries, deliveries picked up in a zone further from zone 1 than their delivery point will require additional time.
  • Waiting time in excess of 5 minutes will be billed at $0.75 per minute.
  • Oversized bicycle deliveries may also be billed using vehicle rates.
  • For bicycle deliveries, weight in excess of 10lbs will be billed at $0.50 per pound.
  • For vehicle deliveries, weight in excess of 25lbs will be billed at $0.30 per pound.
  • Wrongly addressed packages may incur additional charges.
  • Fragile packages and packages requiring special handling may incur additional charges.
  • Faster service rates may be required by default, as determined by hours of operation and when the job is called in. (normal hours of operation are 8am to 6pm, Mon – Fri).
  • After hours jobs will be billed at 1.5x the equivalent zone, Zoom service rate.